City Manager

Horatio Skeete - City Manager

About Horatio: Horatio Skeete was appointed City Manager for the City of Safford, Arizona in April of 2014. Prior to that he spent nine years with the City of Glendale as Deputy City Manager, Assistant City Manager and Acting City Manager. As City Manager, Horatio is the Chief Operating Officer of the city and is responsible for providing high quality professional management to all operating groups in the city.

City Manager's Role: The City of Safford, Arizona, is a Council-Manager form of government. A City Manager is appointed by the City Council as a apolitical professional manager with specific expertise in managing cities, counties or towns. The Office of the City Manager serves as the focal point for the executive leadership and direction of the city organization. The office works closely with the Mayor and City Council to ensure that city programs and operations reflect policy goals and objectives established by the City Council.

My personal mission is to provide confidence in the management of our city. I will insist on discipline and accountability for myself and the organization by setting standards and goals to meet the expectations of our public. My focus will be creating an environment of transparency with a desired outcome of excellence in customer service.

We will focus on providing essential services to the community using the most efficient business practices available. The economic climate of our city today could be described as tense due to the uncertainty of the mining industry. However, the demands for our services have not nor will be diminished and the expectations for high quality are no less today than any other time in our history. Therefore, we must constantly review our business process to ensure we are providing the services in the most economical method possible. The measures of our success will be in how the community views us, how our city looks, and the quality of service we provide.