Universal Class

Interested in learning new crafts and hobbies? Looking to go from amateur to pro photography? Starting a business and would like to know more about entrepreneurship? The library has you covered with free courses on Universal Class!  

When accessing, be sure to first log in with your library card number (ex: P41220).

Universal Class offers a diverse catalog of lifelong learning courses online, including:

-Accounting, Career Training, Small Business, Office Skills, Finance, Real Estate and Entrepreneurship.
-Cooking, Crafts and Hobbies.
-Fine Arts and Photography.
-Performing Arts.
-Parenting and Family.
-Alternative Medicine, Self-Help and Personal Care.
-Computer Training.
-Web Development.
-Pet and Animal Care.
-Home Gardening, Repair and DIY.
-Religious and Spiritual Studies.

-General Education.
-Special Education.
-Teacher Resources.
-Test Preparation.
-Social Work.
-Language Arts.
-Math and Writing Skills.
-Law, Legal and Criminal.
....and more!

Go through each full course to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and certificates! Some courses even offer Video Mode for those wanting to simply audit classes.