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Policy Statement

In keeping with the Library's mission and service priorities to create young readers and stimulate imagination, library meeting rooms are available at no charge for use by government agencies and nonprofit community groups for informational, educational or cultural meetings and programs when not needed for library purposes. Use of the library meeting rooms does not imply endorsement by the City of Safford of the viewpoints presented.

Regulations - General

The Library encourages the widest possible use of library meeting rooms by nonprofit community groups as long as this use does not interfere with the normal functions of the library.

1. All meetings shall be open to the public.
2. Rooms may be used for educational, cultural, informational or governmental/civic activities and may include public lectures, panel discussions, workshops and other similar functions.
3. Room bookings are subject to cancellation with two weeks notice if the room is needed for library programming.
4. Programs involving the sale, advertising, promotion of commercial products or services are prohibited. Exception is made for those performers at Safford City-Graham County Library programs with pre-approval to sell sound recordings, videos and books related to their performance.
5. Programs sponsored by a business firm, political entities, or churches, regardless of purpose unless directly pertaining to the Library, are prohibited.
6. No admission fee, registration fee, donation or monetary solicitation may be sought from meeting attendees unless the Library co-sponsors the program.
7. Rooms will not be used for personal or family purposes.
8. Groups may reserve space no more than two (2) months in advance, except for the City of Safford and Library co-sponsored events.
9. No single group, except the City of Safford, may have more than two (2) meetings in a one-month period, unless the Library is a co-sponsor.
10. The Library reserves its own meeting rooms. Please see list below for seating capacity, address, and telephone number.
11. Except for the City of Safford, groups are responsible for any room set-up and are to leave the room as it was found.
12. Users agree to abide by all regulations of the library relating to the use of the facilities and accept responsibility for all damages caused to the building and/or equipment beyond normal wear.


There is no charge for use of meeting rooms.


1. Groups interested in using the Library meeting rooms must first fill out an application form found on the Library’s website.
2. This application must be returned electronically to the Library at least two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled meeting date.
3. An authorized adult representative of the group must request use of the meeting room and fill out the online application form. By signing the form the applicant agrees that this Library Meeting Room Policy ("Policy") applies to the requested use of space and has been read and understood. Failure to abide by the Policy may disqualify the group from future use of the rooms as a minimum penalty.
4. The group accepts financial responsibility for any and all damage caused to the building or equipment beyond normal wear. The group contact person will be responsible for any charges incurred by the group.
5. Meeting rooms are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.
6. Reservations may be made no more than two months in advance, except for the City of Safford. However, the Library does reserve the right to cancel a scheduled meeting with 2 weeks’ notice if the room is needed for library programming. The Library will make every effort to avoid a cancellation but does reserve that right.
7. Room availability may be checked by phone, but room reservations are not accepted over the phone. Application form must be electronically submitted.
8. Application approval or disapproval will be confirmed by email within two (2) working days.
9. Library staff should be notified in advance of cancellations. If the meeting is canceled with less than 24 hours notice the group may be disqualified from future use of the rooms.
10. Application approval must be made by the Library Director.



1. Meetings must be held during regular library hours except for the City of Safford and Library co-sponsored events.
2. Meetings must end on time so the room can be cleared or prepared for other meetings or building closure. All rooms must be cleared 15 minutes prior to the end of the scheduled time to allow the room to be inspected by library staff.
3. A group representative must check out with staff at the end of the meeting.
4. Meetings must be free and open to the general public at all times.
5. Groups are responsible for ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements and for providing requested accommodations for meetings or programs. A statement regarding the availability of accommodations must be included in all publicity or notices.

Sample statement for publicity:
If you need an interpreter, materials in alternative formats or other accommodations to access this meeting or program, please contact (name of person/organization) one week in advance of program or meeting.

Food or Drink

1. Groups who use the library rooms may serve light refreshments (note: alcoholic beverages are prohibited) when their plan to do so has been pre-approved.
2. The kitchen may be used for warming food and staging only and not for food preparation.
3. Failure to leave the room in its original condition may disqualify the organization from future use of the rooms.

Equipment and Media

1. Equipment may be brought in to use in the meeting rooms if approved by the staff person in charge.

Internet/PC Use

1. Wireless Internet access is available in all meeting rooms. Groups will need to bring their own laptops.


1. Signs, working papers or posters may not be attached to the walls of the meeting rooms.
2. Signs or posters placed anywhere in the building must be approved by the Library Director.

Information on Library Meeting Rooms and Capacities

Library Hours
M-Th 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

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