Identity Theft Prevention


Don't use your Drivers License or Social Security numbers on your checks. This makes is easy to get a false ID made.
Get your Social Security number changed on your Drivers License.
NEVER give your Social Security number over the phone or Internet.
Keep all credit card receipts safe. Many criminals use numbers off receipts to defraud.
Shred credit card offers you get in the mail. Thieves steal mail and trash to get these.
NEVER give your credit card number to someone calling you, make charges only when you call. Card Fraud Investigators will never call and ask for your number and expiration date.
If someone has stolen your identity call the Police and make a report. Then contact the Federal Trade Commission Identity Theft Hotline to notify and get advise on how to proceed.

Internet Crime Complaint Center

To report fraud to the FTC other than ID Theft call, 1-877-382-4357. web site with information.

Complete a free ID Theft Affidavit from the FTC.

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