Elementary Programs


ScienceCity is the Safford City-Graham County Library's science programs offered for elementary children from grades Kindergarten-6th. This program series provides a unique opportunity for local children to benefit from science programs created and presented by top educational institutions, such as the Arizona Science Center and the Phoenix Zoo, along with local and in-house presenters. This program is divided into three groups: Kindergarten-1st grade, 2nd-3rd grades and 4th-6th grades. There are four monthly, age appropriate programs starting in the fall and ending in January. The programs are designed to present science topics in an engaging and fun way. We stress maximum student involvement through hands-on activities and interactive sessions. These programs are free and open to Gila Valley children. Registration is required and enrollment is limited. If there is a waiting list, attendance will be required.

ScienceCity conductors

Scattered throughout the year, we will be having special science programs that are not part of the regular ScienceCity Program Series. These may be for a larger audience or special age groups. They will always be free. We will advertise these ScienceCity special events in the Safford Library and on this website. Set your Bookmarks now and be sure to keep checking! These programs may or may not have enrollment restrictions.

ScienceCity in the stacks is a great way to learn more about any scientific subject. The Safford Library houses a rich collection of books, DVDs and other materials that can help to introduce your child to the wonder of science. Whether you are looking for a DVD on dinosaurs or a book on the moon landing, the Safford Library is the place for science. We also have materials for all ages. From toddler to teen there is a science book or DVD for you. Come into the library or search our online catalog. ScienceCity will also be highlighting a few of our favorites selections every month on its activity page.


Coming Fall 2021
First Thursday of Every Month from 3:00-4:30 PM

Come join our awesome after school program for 1st - 6th Graders! Be sure to bring your imagination with you to build epic towers, fast race cars, beautiful balconies, host midnight ninja battles, royal dances, anything your mind can think and create! We will have Lego ready for you. 

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