2019 Resolutions

R19-040 Power Purchase Agreement
R19-039 HR Volunteer Time Off
R19-038 Entertainment District
R19-037 Safe House Lease Agreement
R19-036 SPPA Designee
R19-035 El Paso Gas Encroachment Agreement for La Tierra Park
R19-034 Martinez Accessway Lease Agreement 2019
R19-033 NRCS Graveyard Wash
R19-032 Excise Tax WJS
R19-031 Delinquent and NSF Fees
R19-030 On Call and Compensation Policies
R19-029 ADOT Grant Airport Vacuum Sweeper
R19-028 FAA Grant for Airport vacuum Sweeper
R19-027 ADOT Airport Layout Plan
R19-026 FAA Grant Airport Layout Plan
R19-025 Public Safety Personnel Retirement System Pension Funding Policy
R19-024 P-12 Hangar Ponderosa Aviation
R19-023 HR Policies Residency and Oath of Office
R19-022 Human Resources Policy Manuel Updates
R19-021 Tax Levy June 30 2020
R19-020 Gila River Alliance
R19-019 Landfill Rates
R19-018 Employee Incentive
R19-017 Valley Telecommunications License Agreement
R19-016 Final Budget Adoption FY 2019-2020
R19-015 IGA with UofA for Sewer Flushing Machine
R19-014 Jetcrafters Lease for WP.2 WP.3 WP.4
R19-013 Fee Waiver and Assistance Economic Development
R19-012 Amending Fire Dept Rules and Regs
R19-011 IGA Ft Thomas Fire Dept Equipment Purchase
R19-010 RAHGT Trustee
R19-009 Tentative Budget FY 2019-2020
R19-008 Chase Bank Fire Truck Lease
R19-007 20th Ave Project
R19-006 Claridge Farm Lease Agreement
R19-005 Howard Farm Lease Ferguson Farm
R19-004 Howard Farm Lease Birdno Farm
R19-003 Layton Farm Lease Agreement
R19-002 Matthews Land Lease Agreement
R19-001 Stevens Brothers Land Lease Lgreement