Safford Election Information

The City of Safford will hold elections on the following dates:

  • August 02, 2022– Primary Election Day
  • November 08, 2022– General Election Day (if needed)

*Any candidate receiving a majority of all votes cast at the Primary Election will be declared elected without running in the General Election.

City Council Offices to Be Filled

The elected officers of the city consist of seven council members, of whom one is elected as Mayor. The Mayor serves a four-year term and City Council members serve four-year overlapping terms. Elections are held in the fall every two years on even numbered years. 

  Three council seats will be filled in 2022. The newly elected council members will assume the duties of office at a regularly scheduled council meeting following the date of the general election. 

2022 Councilmember Candidates:
  • Arbizo, Luke
  • Lopez, Arnold
  • McGaughey, Steve
  • Seale, Gene